Electric Bike Batteries: Things to Know

If you owned an electric bike what you think is the vital part of your E-bike? The battery in your electric bikes is the central part of your bike.
Ever you experience that while on riding your bike battery suddenly lost its power? Very unpleasant experience you face.

So to avoid such untoward events, you need a better quality battery. You can enjoy a better experience with a good quality electric bikes battery.
We will elaborate to you about electric bike batteries and the thing you need to know.

What needs to know About E-bikes Batteries?

In the e-bikes, the vital part that takes much of your attention is the battery. With a perfect one, you can enjoy a better ride on the bike.

E-Bikes Battery
E-Bikes Battery

What Material used in batteries?

Batteries are not available with the same Material and functions. You may find varieties regarding size, power and charging capacity.

Electric bike batteries with Lithium-Ion tend to come in the market. These batteries are much supported with positive customer reviews than lead-acid batteries, and you can find them on Top Quality E-Bikes like those of Ridel.
Batteries with Lithium-ion bear high energy density than lead-acid batteries. They can store more energy. Energy storage ranges from 400 to 500-watt hour gives you more ample riding experience.

What can be Range of Batteries during Ride?

It is hard to answer because many things affect the performance of the battery. But electric batteries of average quality can range from 30 – 60 km with a single charge. But If you have a good brand than its range can 120 km with a single charge.

How You Can Improve the Battery Range?

With some care, you can improve your battery range. Reduce the weight to carry with your bikes. Try to reduce the use of frequent brakes which consume much amount of stored energy.
Try to ride on smooth roads and fields which require less energy. Better quality tires can also improve the efficiency of battery range.


How much life span of the Electric bike's Battery?

No one can answer what the exact lifespan of the battery is. But with some experience, it comes to know those batteries with lithium-ion last for years.

It also depends on the ride. With a research study found that lithium-ion batteries can give you more than 57000 km riding experience with 1500 charging cycles.

How can Increase Life span of the Batteries?

Electric bike batteries can work longer of some precautionary steps taken by the owner, such as below.
Load your bikes with minimum necessities. It will fine if you keep standing your bike in temperature between 0 to 20 degrees Celsius. Do not park in the sunlight. Do not keep the battery charging less the 30 per cent.

How much time to Charge the batteries?

It varies with the battery size, storage capacity and quality. If you owned a lithium-ion battery, it is better to charge for four hours for better performance.

It is pertinent to note that only charge when battery charging is between 30 – 60 per cent. Do not always keep the battery on charging while spare.

Final Words

Electric bikes are becoming popular in the world. But the performance of the bikes depends on the performance of the e-bikes batteries.

as long as you using top quality e-bikes, like those of Ridel Electric Bikes, you can expect good quality battery.

Bottom Line? go with a lithium-ion manufactured battery which provides you with a better experience to ride. With some precautions, you can improve Life and range of e-bike batteries.

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